Marc Chagall 1887 – 1985


France – Marc Chagall – Moses Zakharovich Chagalov – was born on 7 July 1887 near Vitebsk (Belarus, at the time in the Russian Empire). He was naturalized French in 1937 and died on 28 March 1985 in Saint-Paul de Vence.

Events and dreams often inhabited the work of Marc Chagall. The biblical scenes are also one of the themes dear to the artist, 2 of them illustrate the block through two worlds characteristic of his art, stained glass and painting.

– The Peace stained glass (Sarrebourg), detail: at the bottom of the block of the tree of life, and on the stamp above, Adam and Eve.

The destruction by the town of a part of the convent of the Cordeliers in Sarrebourg in 1970 did not spare a face of the chapel (XIIIth century) To fill the hole left, the city confided to Marc Chagall the realization of a stained glass window ‘Paix’, which he delivered in 1976.

Chagall made many stained-glass windows. The latter, composed of 13,000 glass pieces, measuring 12 meters high by 7.50 wide and weighing 900 kg, and is the largest stained glass he designed.

His work was reproduced on the glass by the master glass-maker of Reims, Charles Marq.

In the center of this monumental stained-glass window, a bouquet represents the tree of life with Adam and Eve in its center. On both sides of this Tree of Life are evoked biblical scenes: the tables of the Law, the crucifixion, King David (and his harp), King Solomon, Isaiah holding a book and a serpent, evocation of Good and evil.

– Le Paradis painting (national museum Marc Chagall, Nice), detail: on the 2nd stamp below, in resonance with Adam and Eve of the stamp above, a detail representing the primordial couple, entwined under the tree, Share the forbidden fruit.

Oil on canvas, made in 1961 Height: 198 cm Width: 288 cmParadise evokes for Chagall the very place of intimacy between all the members of creation, men, beasts and many hybrid figures live there in harmony in a luxuriance of plants and water emphasized by the shades of green and blue. The right distribution of the colored masses balances the composition. The painting, conceived as a diptych, presents the creation of Eve and temptation.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 16.01.2017
Designer: Metteur en Page Valérie Lagarde
Process: Héliogravure
Size: 105 x 143 mm
Values: €1.70 x 2