Huelva – Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2017

Spain –
As in previous years, a province of our country has been chosen as the Spanish Capital of Gastronomy during 2017. This year, Huelva has been selected.

For the first time a coastal province has been chosen. The jury has recognized the cuisine of the sea, all those products that every morning arrive in boats to the market where they are selected to become exquisite dishes.

We can not stop talking about white shrimp, coquinas and puntillitas, or cuttlefish, a select ingredient to prepare dishes such as meatballs.

But Huelva is not only sea, also, its products of interior like the ham of Jabugo, the slaughterings of the Mountain range of Aracena; Also the famous strawberries known in the whole world.

The vegetable garden offers us typical dishes like chickpeas with spinach, beans “enzapatás” or the game dishes and mushrooms of the area as the gurumelos.

But not everything is to eat, Huelva also has wines worthy of mention as the Orange Wine of the County of Huelva that owns the Denomination of Origin.

The pastries also give us irresistible recipes such as chestnut stew, “pulleys” or snowy eggs.

For all this and much more, Huelva deserves to carry throughout the year the title of gastronomic capital of Spain around the world, and Correos, by dedicating a stamp to this event, as in previous years, intends to spread our gastronomy through a stamp that can travel and be showcase and promotion of the same.

The stamp that is issued, includes the image of the logo of Huelva Spanish Capital of Gastronomy 2017, which forms a fan with some of the typical products of the place: choco, ham, strawberries, prawns and wine. On a white background, these products take all the protagonism on a trace of black ink, sepia, that always gives a touch of elegance to the dishes.

Issue Date: 20.01.2017
Printer: Offset
Size: 57.6 x 40.9 mm
Values: Tarifa A2