Finland– Technical Details Issue Date: 20.01.2017 Designer: Klaus Welp

Finnish national flag, 100 years

Finland – A series of definitive stamps in the uniform Post Horn design began on 10 January 2008. This stamp is a reprint of the 2016 Post Horn series. Technical Details Issue Date: 20.01.2017 Designer: Ossi Hiekkala

Year of the Rooster

Guernsey – 43p stamp – Rooster crowing as the sun comes up 57p stamp – Standing Rooster with a cockscomb 58p stamp – Sitting Rooster with egg 64p stamp – Two Roosters pecking a Chinese cabbage 70p stamp – Two RoostersRead More

Ancient Britain

Great Britain – Royal Mail today announced the release of eight stamps featuring some of the most inspiring objects and atmospheric sites of British prehistory. The stamps explore how people lived in prehistoric times and depict famous iconic sites as wellRead More

Ancient Britain

Great Britian – The Special Stamps feature iconic sites such as Skara Brae and Avebury and exceptional artefacts including the Battersea shield and the Star Carr headdress. The stamps are all enhanced with illustrations that reveal how our ancient forebearsRead More

V Centenary of Spanish Spelling Rules

Spain – In 1517, after Introductiones latinae (1481), Lexicon Latin-Castellanum and Castilian-Latin (1492) and his famous Castilian Grammar (1492), Antonio de Nebrija published his Rules of Spanish Orthography. This year the fifth centenary anniversary is celebrated. For this reason, CorreosRead More

Year Book Spain & Andorra 2016

Spain – A detailed illustrated book, which collects all the stamps issued in Spain and Andorra during the year 2016. Collect 111 stamps: 99 from Spain and 12 from Andorra. Accompanied by illustrations and explanatory texts. With complete information onRead More

Marc Chagall 1887 – 1985

France – Marc Chagall – Moses Zakharovich Chagalov – was born on 7 July 1887 near Vitebsk (Belarus, at the time in the Russian Empire). He was naturalized French in 1937 and died on 28 March 1985 in Saint-Paul de Vence.Read More