Andorran Diversity – Argentinian Community


Andorra Spain – Andorra is a host country, where many immigrants of different nationalities live.This role of Andorra as a host country as a relevant phenomenon began during the decade of the thirties of the last century, with exiles fleeing first from the Spanish Civil War and later from the Franco dictatorship.Since then the migratory phenomenon has increased in number and the origin has diversified. While at first, these are basically people from nearby countries seeking political and economic stability, the migratory phenomenon has extended to communities in other parts of the world that see Andorra as an attractive place to settle, thanks to the good level of Life and the good economic situation that the country boasts.

The first community of non-European residents in the Principality of Andorra is Argentinian, protagonist of this year’s edition of the philatelic series “Diversitat Andorrana”. With more than 700 residents with Argentine nationality, the figure is easily surpassed if we consider that many Argentines have dual nationality and are in Andorra with Italian, Spanish or French passport. As with other immigrant communities in the Principality, the Argentine community has established its own cultural association called “La Querencia”, which aims to integrate the collective within the Andorran culture and thus strengthen and consolidate relations between Communities.

The stamp has a value of 1.25 euros and has as a design a composition of some of the symbols that best represent the Argentine nation. Background, May Sun on a blue background bouncing over the Pyrenees and in the foreground, the components of the traditional Argentine drink par excellence: the mate. Priming with hot water, ready for consumption, rests next to the container la bombilla, with a wood or metal straw with a filter that allows the perfect tasting of the infusion.

Issue Date: 24.02.2017
Process: Offset
Size: 28.8 x 40.9 mm
Values: €1.25