Romanian Collections- Corkscrews (II)


Romania – Romfilatelia continues the postage stamps series Romanian Collections through the themeCorkscrews (II), which is made up of seven values that illustrate a renowned collection in Bucharest.

In the past, not only wine bottles were sealed with a cork, but also medicine, perfume bottles, or inkwells. Thus, a tool like the corkscrew could be used to open an inkwell for writing a letter and pressing the seal found on the base of the sheath directly on the melted wax. Therefore, the corkscrew was more of a nobleman’s accessory, than one for the commoner.

The historical evolution of the corkscrew can be observed in the greatest collection in the world, certified by Guinness World Records, in 2015.


Issue Date: 29.03.2017
Designer: Ion Chirescu
Process: Offset
Colours: 4 Colours
Size: Stamps size: 36 x 36 mm, Minisheets size: 144 x 129 mm; 138 x 208 mm, Souvenir sheets size: 94 x 94 mm (stamp size: 52 x 42 mm); 154 x 94 mm (stamp size: 52 x 42mm) (in philatelic album)
Values: 1.60 Lei; 2.70 Lei; 3.50 Lei; 4 Lei; 4.50 Lei; 8 Lei; 16 Lei