12 Months, 12 Stamps – Barcelona


Spain – Continuing with the series inaugurated by Correos this year, 12 months, 12 stamps, this month the issue is dedicated to the province of Barcelona. The month of April, the month of spring, of the rebirth, is one of the most important months for this province as it celebrates its great day, Sant Jordi or St. George’s Day, commemorating the death of this saint on April 23 Of the year 303. In 1995, UNESCO proclaimed April 23rd as World Book Day. That day, therefore, the popular tradition combines the two commemorations, with the exchange of red roses for the saint, and a book for the date.

For this reason, an open book with the inscription “Sant Jordi” appears next to a red rose.

On the book rests a letter B, which, following the line of the stamps issued earlier in this series, represents the province through the old letters of registration of vehicles.

The letter is decorated with the Dragon of Park Güell, which has become an emblem of the park, and serves to represent the style of the great Gaudí and “trencadís”, a type of ornamental application of the mosaic from ceramic fragments.

Next to the dragon, one can see one of the most international desserts of the place, the Crema Catalana, made with egg yolk, sugar, flour and milk with cinnamon and lemon peel, which once curdled, is burnt over, creating a fine caramelised layer.

Next to the Crema Catalana, the mythical Hotel W, known as hotel vela, was designed by the architect Ricardo Bofill, which reaches 99 meters in height and forms part of the postcard that forms the coastal image of the city of Barcelona.

The lower strip of the seal is yellow, alluding to the color of the flag of the province.

This stamp will be used as the only type of postage for all shipments that are admitted in the offices of said province.
Carmen Álvarez Casanova

Issue Date: 16.04.2017
Process: Offset
Size: 35 x 24.5 mm
Values: Tarifa A