Tourist Stamps VI- (Horse)

Iceland – Horse-riding  The theme of the tourist stamps this year is “Tourist activities in Iceland”. Horse-riding. Horse hire companies across the country organize riding tours for children and adults, lasting from a few hours up to several days. Longer toursRead More

Iasi, City of the Great Union

Romania – About Iasi one can write volumes, but the city remains a historical landmark of the enduring Romanian people through the special role it played in the period 1916 – 1918, when Southern Romania and the capital, Bucharest, came underRead More

Jean Baptiste Charcot 1867 – 1936

France – The “Pourquoi-Pas ?” Is sinking. Standing on the bridge, Jean-Baptiste Charcot said serenely: “Ah, my poor children! These are his last words, reported by the only survivor of the shipwreck. Not far from the Icelandic coast, on September 16,Read More

Europa 2017 – Castles

Norway – The National Archives is celebrating 200 years of gathering national treasures that show us how life in Norway has been. In addition to the Central Office in Oslo, the National Archives also includes eight regional state archives, theRead More

National Archives Bicentenary

Norway – In Norway, the King’s residence is normally just called “the Palace”. The architect was H. D. F. Linstow and the foundation was laid in 1825. However, it was not until November 1905, after King Haakon VII, Queen Maud andRead More

150th Anniversary of the Tune Viking Ship Finds

Norway – 150 years have passed since the first Viking ship was excavated in Norway. Archaeologist Oluf Rygh excavated the Tune ship in only 14 days from the ship burial mound in Tune. Archaeologist Even Ballangrud Andersen describes the ship: “TheRead More

Europa 2017 – Manzanares el Real Castle

Spain – Every year, European administrations and postal companies, which are members of PostEurope, put into circulation the series Europe that is issued with a common theme, this time around the theme is emblematic castles of each country. Spain issues aRead More

Europa 2017 – Castell de les Bons

Andorra Spain – The imposing defensive tower of the castle of Sant Romà de les Bons, also called “Torre dels Moros” stands on a rocky promontory located high in the village of Les Bons, at one end of the parishRead More

Recently Extinct Species

Romania – Climate change, excessive hunting, intense volcanic activity, are some of the causes that led to the destruction of large parts of the flora and fauna on Earth. A great variety of plant and animal species are classified as endangeredRead More

Traditions and Customs – Semana Santa

Spain –  Each year with the arrival of spring, all the corners of Spain exploit the oldest traditions and customs, Holy Week, and for this reason, Correos, issues four stamps dedicated to four Spanish towns that live those days withRead More

Chemin des Dames

France – In 1917 between Soissons and Reims, the Chemin des Dames, a vast sector of the front to the north of the Aisne river between Pinon to the west and Berry-au-Bac to the east, is at the heart of militaryRead More

Famous Croats

Croatia – Motifs: Zinka Kunc, Frano Supilo, Faust Vran?i? The stamps have been issued in 20-stamp sheets, and there is also a First Day Cover (FDC) issued by Croatia Post. Zinka Kunc Milanov, a soprano and one of the greatest PrimaRead More

Vintage Racing Cars

Luxembourg  Technical Details Issue Date: 17.04.2017 Designer: Benoit Deliège / POST Luxembourg Process: Digital Colours: 4 Colours Size: A4 Size Values: €9.60

Traditional Dance in Spain

Spain – In Spain there is a great diversity of traditional dances. Although many of them have a common origin, steps and similar habits, in each autonomous community, city or town, there is usually a special and different kind of dance. SonesRead More

12 Months, 12 Stamps – Barcelona

Spain – Continuing with the series inaugurated by Correos this year, 12 months, 12 stamps, this month the issue is dedicated to the province of Barcelona. The month of April, the month of spring, of the rebirth, is one of theRead More