Videogames – La Abadía del Crimen (1987-2017)


Spain – For the third consecutive year appears the TIC issue, this 2017, dedicated to video games and within these has been wanted to pay homage to a Spanish video game: The Abbey of crime because it celebrates its 30th anniversary.

This issue appears in the form of a mini sheet graphically illustrating with the content of the Abbey of Crime promoting the game, includes thermochromic ink that allows you to slide your finger over the mirrors (doors) to discover 6 different objects that are the evidence of the real game. The mini sheet is completed with a nod to the evolution of technology being one part parchment and another a television screen.

By 1987 micro-computer systems had invaded Spanish households to stay. In one of these homes of the City of Journalists in Madrid, the birth of a video game was born that would break moulds.

“The Abbey of Crime” was not limited to reproducing formulas and deepened in diverse aspects of the programming that gave to the code of the video game a surprising level that Paco took to unsuspected ends in the barely 128 KB of memory that He had on the Amstrad computer on which he embodied all his genius.

Delcan on the other hand literally put the constructive pillars of the architecture and graphics of a video game portentous for its precious design, complex and full of fine details that marked to all a generation of gamer children whose immersive experience in this new adventure video game  still today, thirty years later, they have not forgotten.

Issue Date: 16.05.2017
Process: Offset
Size: 21.245 de lado (hexagonal)
Values: 0.60 €