Fredrikstad 450th Anniversary


Norway – King Frederik II’s city on the shores of Glomma can look back on a rich history.

King Frederik II founded Fredrikstad, thus immortalising his name in Norway. After the Swedes burned down Sarpsborg during the Nordic Seven-Year War, the King gave permission for the inhabitants to rebuild the city closer to the mouth of the Glomma river.

On 12 September 1567, King Frederik signed the document and Fredrikstad was established.

The history

Fredrikstad became an important part of the country’s defence, and during the Great Nordic War that started in 1700, Admiral Peter W. Tordenskjold commanded his fleet from Fredrikstad. Between 1570 and 1830, all or parts of Fredrikstad were repeatedly levelled by fires. By the last fire that ravaged the entire town in 1764, the church had burned down six times.

The abandonment of the sawmill privileges in 1860 led to the most important period of growth in Fredrikstad’s history. In a relatively short period of time, this small trade and shipping village was transformed into one of the country’s most important industrial cities, with sawmills and brickworks as the most dominant industries. Later, the stone industry and engineering workshops became major drivers behind Fredrikstad’s growth.

Fredrikstad today.

Today, Fredrikstad is one of Norway’s largest cities. Østfold University College and the Norwegian Institute of Journalism are located in Fredrikstad, and the newspapers Fredriksstad Blad and Demokraten are published here as well.

The Old Town with its well-preserved fortress town attracts both locals and tourists, and is one of Fredrikstads most important sights.

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