Tree leaves – Birch


Andorra (Spain) – Nature is undoubtedly one of the most important values ??in the Principality of Andorra, which is why it has been reproduced regularly in the philatelic emissions of the Principality.

To these emissions, a new Fulles d’Arbre series is added this year, which will show the leaves of the main arboreal varieties of Andorran flora.

The first stamp of the series is dedicated to the birch leaf (Bedoll), whose emission incorporates a die with the characteristic shape of the leaf.

The birch, tree or shrub, deciduous tree that inhabits the cold or temperate regions of the northern hemisphere, is spread practically in all the continents of the world; In much of Europe and Asia, North America and North Africa. In the Iberian Peninsula we can find it in the north, from the eastern end of the Pyrenees to Galicia, as well as in the mountains of the northern half of the peninsula.

Its name comes from the Latin Betula that in turn takes the term of the Celtic word Betu. The betula genus comprises about thirty species, the most common being the common birch or Betula Pendula, which reaches 25 meters in height, has a generically thin trunk with a dark and smooth bark until three or four years of age for later Take its characteristic silver-white color. The leaves are small, rhomboidal in shape, usually have lobes and are dentate.

The wood, white, is both strong and light, but hardly used in exterior carpentry because of the ease with which it rots in very humid environments. On the contrary, it is appreciated in the cabinetmaking for the comfort with which it is worked to make interior furniture and as for the work of turning, manufacture of clogs, casks, pulp, etc.

The bark of the tree and the leaves are also appreciated in the pharmacopoeia for its medicinal properties.The geographical extension of the species and its use in the numerous cultures with which it has cohabited have made the birch part of the mythology of several cultures, conceiving it as the axis of the world or associating it with the underworld, such as the Celts, who Conferred on him a funerary character similar to the Christian cypress.

Issue Date: 16.06.2017
Process: Offset + Troquel
Size: 40.9 x 28.8 mm
Values: 1.35€