Dance – La Massana


Andorra France – The dance of the sticks is a dance very popular in Europe, especially in the Mediterranean basin.

Despite the presence of fairly pronounced features in each region, each variant has in common the use of one or two sticks with which one strikes to the rhythm of the music.

In the Catalan cultural milieu, it is a dance very practiced by the “esbarts” and the “colles” specialized in folk dances. Andorra is no exception and dances are practiced in this way.

There are several assumptions about the origins of this dance, but what is indisputable is that it is a very old dance, the first written references of which date from the year 1151, when it is practiced in Because of the marriage of Raimond-Berenger IV with Pétronille d’Aragon.

On the block, the group of dancers evolves on the spot of the people of La Massana, in front of the church Sant Iscle i Santa Victòria.

La Massana is the last of the seven parishes that remained to be illustrated in the Folk Dance and Landscape series; This dance of sticks and the parish of La Massana thus close this series.

Issue Date: 08.07.2017
Designer: Stefanie Ghinea
Process: Taille douce and Offset
Size: 40.85 x 30 mm
Values: 1.70€