The Forbidden City in Monaco


Monaco – The major exhibition event of the summer at the Grimaldi Forum will be devoted to “The Forbidden City in Monaco: Imperial Court Life in China”. From 14 July to 10 September, the Forbidden City, the hub of political decision-making as well as a centre of culture and religion, will provide a showcase for a vast historical panorama presented via more than 250 works, mostly from the Museum of the Forbidden City. Works of calligraphy, paintings, ceramics, furniture, jade and liturgical objects will illustrate the refinement of traditional Chinese culture. This culture was to reach its peak under the emperors of the last feudal dynasty, the Qing – the period on which the exhibition focuses – which reigned from 1644 to 1911, the year the Republic of China was established.

Issue Date: 13.07.2017
Designer: © Hung Chung Chih/licence
Process: Heliogravure
Size: Size of the block: 115 x 115 mm, Size of the stamp: 30 x 40 mm