Salbuurun – Traditional Kyrgyz Hunting


Kyrgyzstan KEP – On July 14th 2017 the State Committee for Information Technology and Communications of the Kyrgyz Republic puts into circulation a series of Kyrgyz Express Post postage stamps dedicated to salbuurun. This issue represents the end of the series, launched in 2015. This third issue in the series is dedicated to the main hunting techniques of salbuurun: archery, falconry and hunting with taigans (national breed of hunting dogs).

Since ancient times, Kyrgyz men, on horseback, went on a hunt, variously using falconry, taigan dogs and archery.

In modern Kyrgyzstan, salb?uurun is very popular and takes an increasingly important place in the cultural and sporting life of the country. At the same time, the festival “Salbuurun”, which has been held since 2006, now assumes international fame.

Issue Date: 14.07.2017
Designer: Vladimir Melnic
Printer: “Nova Imprim”
Process: full-color offset lithography
Size: Stamps size: 68.00 ? 34.00 mm, Sheets size: 100.00 ? 168.00 mm, Collective sheet size: 134.00 ? 134.00 mm
Values: 50, 75, 100