Popular Culture – The 1960s


Jersey is a picturesque island situated just off the coast of France and as such has long been a haven for tourists. Known in the 1960s as the ‘Honeymoon Island’, local politician Cyril Le Marquand described Jersey’s tourism industry as “the firmest pillar in our economy today”, which contrasts with nowadays where finance is the dominant industry. The 1960s was a prominent period of large scale socio-political change and counterculture during which people felt increasingly at-ease to express themselves through music, fashion and leisure pursuits. This is no different in Jersey, where the sport of surfing boomed and brought with it a new and exciting culture which has endured to this day.

  • 26.01.2018
  • Hat-Trick Design (London) Ltd.
  • Joh. Enschede Security Print, The Netherlands
  • Four colour process offset lithography
  • Stamp die size 36mm x 36mm. Miniature Sheet overall size 94mm deep x 131mm wide; stamp within 72mm x 72mm