2018 Manuka Honey Silver Proof Coin


New Zealand – About 2018 Manuka Honey Silver Proof Coin

The dense evergreen plant was used by M?ori for a wide variety of purposes. Its hard red wood was used to make paddles and spears and in the construction of shelters. Its bark was turned into containers, and the inner bark was used to waterproof roof structures.

Prior to the arrival of European settler’s honey wasn’t common, but its healing powers were. The bark was used in various remedies to treat burns and was an effective sedative. Ash could be rubbed into the skin to treat irritations and diseases, and vapour from boiling the leaves helped to ease the symptoms of a cold.


Minted from 0.999 silver with selective colour Features honey dipper with gold-coloured resin – replicating real honey Limited worldwide mintage of just 2,018Unique hexagonal shape Each coin includes a unique numbered certificate.


Rather than avoiding the common m?nuka shrubs and trees, beekeepers are now placing their hives in areas that are densely populated with the fragrant, native plant. Although there is no way to encourage bees to go specifically to m?nuka flowers, placing the hives nearby does mean that there is likely to be a higher concentration of m?nuka in the final honey product.

The M?nuka Honey coin follows the success of our 2016 Honey Bee coin. The hexagonal shape has been used again as it represents honey bees and the honeycombs they use for storage. Coloured resin is used to depict the rich, golden colour of m?nuka honey, and can be seen dripping from a wooden dipper. A digitally printed honey bee is perched on a whitish-pink m?nuka flower. Other engraving techniques give further depth to this beautiful coin.