Celebrating the Music of Ludwig Van Beethoven – Sheetlets

In 2020, the world celebrates 250 years of Ludwig van Beethoven. Beethoven was a prominent figure in the transitional period between the classical and romantic musical eras. Considered a revolutionary artist and an artistic visionary, his influence is still felt around the world today, including in Jersey where the Jersey Symphony Orchestra has performed a number of his works over the years.

Taking a contemporary approach, these six stamps represent a selection of some of Beethoven’s most famous compositions. Each stamp incorporates an excerpt from the musical score of the piece, a key instrument in the composition and a portrait of Beethoven himself.

The Miniature Sheet incorporates an excerpt from the musical score of Symphony No.5 and a bust of Beethoven’s likeness. Jersey Post have produced 200 special edition 12″ transparent vinyl records featuring some of Beethoven’s famous compositions. The record comes with a gatefold album cover containing a mint set of six stamps and a Miniature Sheet from our Celebrating the music of Beethoven stamp issue.

A souvenir coin, with a limited run of 250, has also been produced featuring an iconic portrait of Beethoven on one side and Beethoven’s beloved Broadwood piano on the other.