Roman Britain – Set

•A celebration of Roman life and culture in Britain

•The Romans successfully invaded in the year 43, and assimilated much of the country into a Roman province introducing their culture and technology, with 10km of roads linking new towns such as London, and building villas, theatres, bathhouses and even shopping malls. They introduced large scale building with stone, as well as their gods and, later, Christianity. They even gave us the name ‘Britain’.

•Archaeologists canpiece together the extent of the Roman impact throughout their occupation. An extraordinary wealth of evidence remains of sites and artefacts, from the large, such as Hadrian’s Wall and remains of amphitheatres and villas, to the smaller including mosaics, and intricate metalwork and statues.

•We have worked with the British Museum in the development of an 8-stamp issue which demonstrate the sophistication, technical brilliance and artistry of Roman Britain, through important sites and artefacts.

•Two of the items are preserved by the British Museum, a ceremonial cavalry helmet and a small metal statue of a warrior god. Bothwill be on show at the British Museum in a special display to mark the stamps.