Year of the Rooster

United Nations – On 13 January 2017, UNPA will continue its Chinese Lunar Calendar Series with the issuance of a personalized stamp sheet celebrating the “Year of the Rooster”. This is the eighth sheet issued for UNPA’s Lunar New YearRead More

Palace of Culture in Iasi

Romania – The Palace of Culture in Iasi was built between 1906 and 1925, as the Palace of Justice and Administration, after the plans of architect I.D. Berindey, and gained a reputation by its remarkable size. Powerfully marking the architecture ofRead More

150 years of Carnival in Villach

Austria – On Shrove Tuesday 1867 a successful parade involving hundreds of costumed participants came to an end in the Carinthian city of Villach, and with it the famous Villach Carnival was born. Austrian Post is celebrating the 150th anniversary withRead More


Norway –  The two birds of prey which mark the beginning of the Norwegian stamp year are 2017 two small but super-fast Gyrfalcons that spread anxiety and fear among our small birds. Merlin (Falco columbarius): There are between 2,000 andRead More