Christmas 2017 – Tió de Nadal

Andorra Spain – If there is some memory that is indelible from the moment of childhood is the celebration of Christmas along with that fantastic and endearing being known as Tio de Nadal. Being a magician who inhabits homes duringRead More

Granite Architecture – Arajol Chalet

Andorra Spain – The philatelic route that Correos de España is making through the granite architecture of Andorra is back this year with the Xalet Arajol, to which dedicates a stamp, inserted in a minisheet, where it shows one ofRead More

Personalities – Julià Reig i Ribó

  About Personalities – Julià Reig i Ribó The series Personalities of this year pays homage to one of the most outstanding personalities of the second half of the twentieth century of the Principality of Andorra: Julià Reig i Ribó.Read More

Tree leaves – Birch

Andorra (Spain) – Nature is undoubtedly one of the most important values ??in the Principality of Andorra, which is why it has been reproduced regularly in the philatelic emissions of the Principality. To these emissions, a new Fulles d’Arbre seriesRead More

Pere Canturri

Andorra Spain – Pere Canturri, a historian, politician, writer and undoubtedly an ethnographer of Andorran culture and traditions, is one of the great cultural and political figures of Andorra of the contemporary period. Born in Andorra la Vella, in 1935,Read More

Europa 2017 – Castell de les Bons

Andorra Spain – The imposing defensive tower of the castle of Sant Romà de les Bons, also called “Torre dels Moros” stands on a rocky promontory located high in the village of Les Bons, at one end of the parishRead More

Andorran Diversity – Argentinian Community

Andorra Spain – Andorra is a host country, where many immigrants of different nationalities live.This role of Andorra as a host country as a relevant phenomenon began during the decade of the thirties of the last century, with exiles fleeing firstRead More

Definitive Series 2017

Andorra Spain – The definitive series of Correos for the Principality of Andorra incorporates once again a stamp with Rate A whose printed motif is the coat of arms of the Principality, one of its national symbols along with the nationalRead More