Pheasants – Set

Golden Pheasant, or “Chinese Pheasant” – Chrysolophus pictus (Linnaeus, 1758), rendered on the stamp with the face value of Lei 1.90, is native to Asia, Mongolia and central China, where it lives in forested areas. As an ornamental species, it was introducedRead More

Rare Birds

SkylarkThe agile robin is an early riser, but you can hear his singing until late in the evening. With its striking orange-red throat plumage, it can be seen mainly in hedges and bushes. As for food, robins look for beetles,Read More

Scops Owl – Silver Coin

Tokelau – Scops Owls Tokelau has pre-approved 16 stylised owl designs, in the Wisdom of Owls Series, the first of which, the Scops Owl, pictured below, will be released in 2018. Scops owls mostly belong to the genus Otus, theRead More

Animals of the Forest

Switzerland – Four well-known and popular forest animals decorate a beautiful set of special stamps: the great spotted woodpecker, red squirrel, roe deer and European badger will easily win the hearts of the local population. Following in the footsteps ofRead More

Birds 2018

Norway – Many people are familiar with Hedvig, the tame snowy owl from the Harry Potter films that follows the hero through thick and thin. In reality, though, snowy owls spend most of their time catching mice. In Norway, theRead More

Coastal Birds of the Isle of Man by Jeremy Paul

Isle of Man – Jeremy Paul stamps celebrating the conservation work of Manx BirdLife. We are honoured to present this set of six stamps featuring the work of renowned local wildlife artist Jeremy Paul. This, our eleventh stamp issue withRead More

Summer Birds

In the series of bird species in the Netherlands this is the stamp summer birds. Issue Date: 06.06.2017

Finland 100 Years

Aland- The Åland stamp is designed by experienced stamp artist Juha Pykäläinen, who was born in Tampere but lives in Åland since 1989. Finding a suitable motif was a challenge, Juha confesses: “The theme was difficult simply because of itsRead More


Great Britain – Royal Mail today announced the launch of Songbirds, a set of Special Stamps featuring beautiful depictions of songbirds that fill the British countryside with song that defines the British spring and early summer. The 10-stamp issue features the:Read More

The Eider

Faroes – The Faroes are a seabird country. Magnificent bird cliffs where fulmars, guillemots and similar birds whirl before landing on narrow ledges, provide excellent and dramatic images. This is the country of puffins with grassy hillsides sloping towards the sea,Read More

Intelligent Birds

Romania – „Where the peacock is missing the crow is the most beautiful bird.” Old Romanian proverb Romfilatelia resumes its series of projects dedicated to Fauna, a theme that collectors appreciate so much, by introducing into circulation the postage stamp issueRead More

WWF: Endangered Species Meadow Pipit

Guernsey – To celebrate the Meadow Pipit (Anthus pratensis), now classified as an endangered species in the Bailiwick, we have, in collaboration with WWF International, produced a stamp issue with stunning images created by artist Andrew Robinson. For more than 50 years, WWFRead More

Bird of the Year – Turtledove

Estonia – The Estonian Ornithological Society has chosen turtledove the bird of the year 2017. There are two representatives of the genus: turtle dove and ruff turtle dove. We have to do with some of the least studied types of birdsRead More