Kaleidoscopes – 200 Years

Jersey – The kaleidoscope was invented in 1816 by Scottish scientist Sir David Brewster, and the patent was granted in 1817. Whereas the instruments themselves have become simplified and mass-produced in modern times, fascination remains constant some 200 years on.Read More

Dance – La Massana

Andorra France – The dance of the sticks is a dance very popular in Europe, especially in the Mediterranean basin. Despite the presence of fairly pronounced features in each region, each variant has in common the use of one orRead More

The World Orienteering Championships 2017

Estonia – Estonia will host the World Orienteering Championships that will take place in the beginning of July (30 June to 7 July) in Tartu and South Estonia. It is a peak event that will bring to Estonia fifty countriesRead More

Maria Assumpta d’Areny Plandolit

Andorra (France) – Born in Barcelona on 15 September 1860 and died in Ripoll on 17 August 1982, Maria Assumpta was the daughter of Don Guillem of Areny-Plandolit and Carolina de Plandolit i Pelatí. The family was among the mostRead More

Opera Singers – Emma Calve

Monaco – Emma Calvé (1858–1942), a tremendous soprano, was a star before the age of stardom. She won fame in particular through the title role in Georges Bizet’s Carmen, which she performed more than a thousand times during her career.Read More

World Music Day

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Commemorative issue of postage stamp „World Music Day – Ph.D friar Branko Mari? (Mariji?)“ is a memory of the first BH ethnomusicologist who has made a great contribution in the field of BH musical arts, especiallyRead More

Opera Singer – Titta Ruffo

Monaco – Titta Ruffo (1877–1953) was an Italian baritone who performed at the Monte-Carlo Opera on many occasions. His first performance on the Monegasque stage was in Rossini’s The Barber of Seville in 1907. He played Figaro, one of hisRead More

Childhood’s Games

Romania – “Where am I from? I’m from my childhood. I’m from my childhood like I’m from a country!”  Antoine de Saint-Exupery Childhood, full of innocence, of cheer, happiness and of joy represents the most beautiful time of our lives.Read More

Israeli Music – Love Songs

Israel – The people of Israel love to sing songs of love: love for God, love for their homeland, love for the world, love between a man and a woman. Some of the most beautiful poetic verses about love areRead More

Spanish Cinema – Lina Morgan

Spain – Within the series that Correos dedicates for years to Spanish cinema, two stamps are presented honoring two great artists of the seventh art, Lina Morgan and Vicente Aranda. As it did last year with Amparo Rivelles and LuisRead More

Star Wars

Spain- In 1977, filmmaker George Lucas began one of the most famous and shocking film sagas in film history. Star Wars, or what is the same, La Guerra de las Galaxias as it is known in Spain, was initially formed byRead More

100 Years of Pro Senectute

Switzerland –  The Pro Senectute Foundation has been supporting elderly people and their relatives since 1917. This major milestone is being celebrated with a whole series of events and activities. Pro Senectute is to be a guest at the SwissRead More

70th Festival del Film Locarno

Switzerland – The Festival del lm Locarno lays claim to being one of the oldest lm events with one of the biggest screens in the world. It will be taking place for the 70th time from 2–12 August 2017. Every summer,Read More


Switzerland –  The Swiss festival of Unspunnen is a traditional celebration of Swiss mountain life and was rst held in 1805. However, it only became a regular event in 1946 and has since taken place every 12 years. 2017 is oneRead More