Tree leaves – Birch

Andorra (Spain) – Nature is undoubtedly one of the most important values ??in the Principality of Andorra, which is why it has been reproduced regularly in the philatelic emissions of the Principality. To these emissions, a new Fulles d’Arbre seriesRead More

H.C. Lyngbye

Faroes – The Botanist Hans Christian Lyngbye and his Travel to the Faroe Islands in 1817. On the 9th of June in 1817, the Danish theologian, botanic and natural historian, Hans Christian Lyngbye (1782-1837) put ashore in the Faroe Islands. His missionRead More

Flowers and Crafts

France – Booklet of 12 postage stamps with permanent validity at the rate of the green letter for letters up to 20 g destined for France.Carnet size: 256 mm x 54 mm For the spring of 2017, a notebook of twelveRead More

Symphony of Tulips, Pitesti

Romania – The “Symphony of Tulips” is the most important social-cultural, artistic, sporting and commercial manifestation for the Pitesti municipality. This spring, Romfilatelia dedicates the postage stamp issue Symphony of Tulips, to the city of Pitesti and its main manifestation. TheRead More

Flowers, National Symbol

Romania – Flora, a beloved theme for those passionate by philately, is once again taken up this year by Romfilatelia within the postage stamp issue “Flowers, National Symbol”. Together with the symbol flower of each state, the national flag completes theRead More

Flora – Roses

Slovenia – The apothecary’s rose (Rosa gallica ‘Officinalis’) is the only rose variety to have survived the cultural destruction that swept western Europe at the end of antiquity. Since it was practically theonly red rose in gardens in the MiddleRead More

Multicultural Aland

Aland -Close to 100 different nationalities are represented in Åland today, and this cultural diversity is reflected in a commemorative stamp to be issued on 14 March. With roots in two cultures, the task of interpreting the theme was takenRead More

Natural Dye

Faroes – One of mankind’s most distinctive features is that we are able to change and improve our appearance. This characteristic has a multitude of quite different expressions, most of which have to do with our clothes, the materials, design andRead More

Summer Flowers

Finland – Summer flowers with an aphorism! Popular postcard artist Anna-Mari West has illustrated the adorable stamp with traditional summer flowers. Her previous work includes the bunny-themed 2016 Easter stamp. – The bunch has at least daisies, red clovers, bluebellsRead More

Wild Orchids

Romania – Gracious shapes and superb colours, this is what we think of when we hear the word “orchids”. We’re used to them as an exotic presence that we associate with distant tropical paradises, but Romania is also the homeland ofRead More