Rare Birds

SkylarkThe agile robin is an early riser, but you can hear his singing until late in the evening. With its striking orange-red throat plumage, it can be seen mainly in hedges and bushes. As for food, robins look for beetles,Read More

Commemorative 2018

Luxembourg – Since 1968, “SOS Kannerduerf Lëtzebuerg” has undertaken to support children whose natural development is at risk as a result of traumatic experiences such as physical abuse or neglect. At present, Kannerduerf Lëtzebuerg is monitoring some 300 children atRead More

Cars of Yesteryear IV

Luxembourg – This “Packard Standard Eight 833” was delivered to Buenos Aires, Argentina on June 27, 1931. It was then exported to Europe, was first registered in Austria and was finally purchased by its present Luxembourg owner. Issue Date:05.12.2017 Designer:MarkRead More


Luxembourg – Since 1980 a group of rose lovers established the “Lëtzebuerger Rousefrënn” (Luxembourg Friends of Roses) to encourage the preservation of older varieties and the breeding of new ones. In 2014, a second association, the “Patrimoine Roses pour leRead More

700 Years Church of Simmer

Luxembourg – There are many churches and religious art monuments between Steinfort and Mersch in the Eisch valley. The Romano-Gothic St. Martin Parish Church in Simmern, with its cemetery and crosses partly dating back to the 16th century, both beenRead More

Multilaterale Hertogpost 2017

Luxembourg – What is the “Multilaterale”? The Multilaterale is an initiative that came from the Philatelist Associations of the German-speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg) as well of Slovenia and the Netherlands. The 2017 Multilaterale in s’Hertogenbosch ThisRead More

Set Benelux 2017

Luxembourg – Contains the special block values “500th anniversary of the postal route Brussels-Naples” bearing the issuing date stamp as well as the 2016 edition of the Luxembourgish euro coins.

100 years of the Fédération du Sport Cycliste Luxembourgeois (FSCL)

Luxembourg – At last, in 1917 after several unsuccessful attempts to found an association, the “Fédération des Sociétés Cyclistes Luxembourgeoises (FSCL)” [Luxembourgish Cycling Federation] was born. Founding members hailed from clubs from Hollerich, Kayl, Mamer, Monnerich, Mühlenbach, Schifflingen, Strassen, RollingergrundRead More

150th Anniversary of the Treaty of London

Luxembourg – The London Conference from 07 to 11 May 1867 was the result of the so-called Luxembourg crisis. In 1866 the French government wanted to buy the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg from the King of the Netherlands and Grand DukeRead More

Europa 2017 – Castles

Luxembourg – “Dommeldenger Schlass” and “Beggener Schlass” castles have a number of things in common. They lie geographically close together, were both owned by well-known bourgeois Luxembourg families for many years and nowadays they are home to the embassies of twoRead More

Vintage Racing Cars

Luxembourg  Technical Details Issue Date: 17.04.2017 Designer: Benoit Deliège / POST Luxembourg Process: Digital Colours: 4 Colours Size: A4 Size Values: €9.60