Spanish Cinema – Lina Morgan

Spain – Within the series that Correos dedicates for years to Spanish cinema, two stamps are presented honoring two great artists of the seventh art, Lina Morgan and Vicente Aranda. As it did last year with Amparo Rivelles and LuisRead More

History of Spain – Gallego & Rey – XX Century

Spain – From 2000 to 2002, Correos issued in the series Epistolary School Correspondence, four mini sheets dedicated to the History of Spain, illustrated by Gallego & Rey. The protagonists were historical figures and landmarks, from the man of AtapuercaRead More

Mário Soares 1924 – 2017

Portugal- According to Medeiros Ferreira, “Ma?rio Soares is the most important political gure in Portugal of recent decades,” adding: “When we were both on the Democratic Opposition ticket in 1965, I had no doubt I was dealing with the strongest politicalRead More

Pere Canturri

Andorra Spain – Pere Canturri, a historian, politician, writer and undoubtedly an ethnographer of Andorran culture and traditions, is one of the great cultural and political figures of Andorra of the contemporary period. Born in Andorra la Vella, in 1935,Read More

David Bowie

Great Britain – Fans of David Bowie can, from today, get their hands on the popular stamps issued by Royal Mail to honour one of the most influential music and cultural figures of all time. This is the first time Royal MailRead More

50 years of the Swiss Heart Foundation

Switzerland – The Swiss Heart Foundation is celebrating its 50th anniversary. The special stamps are not just aimed at a wide public, but also at those directly affected, their families and the authorities. Cardiovascular disorders number among the most prevalent diseases of modern society and are theRead More

Niklaus von Flüe 1417 – 2017

Switzerland – Niklaus von Flüe, also known as Brother Klaus, was a farmer, councillor and judge. As a seeker of God, a mystic and hermit, he became a highly in uential adviser and peace broker. He had a prominent impact on Switzerland’s history. In theRead More

Greetings Stamp – Miniature Painted Chest

Slovenia – Love… kept safely in a box Over the centuries people in Slovenia have traditionally used at least three different types of chest. Large ones were used to store clothes and various valuable items. The most numerous kind wereRead More

Prominent Personalities – Fran Milcinski

Slovenia – For more than a century, humour in Slovenia has been inseparably connected with the surname Milcinski – a surname we will be hearing a lot of this year, since 3 December 2017 marks the 150th anniversary of the birth,Read More