Europa 2020– Roman Carriage C – Set

In ancient Roman times the territory of present-day Slovenia became a junction and crossroads of several busy and highly important routes – the Roman roads connecting western and coastal areas with the interior and providing a rapid connection to neighbouringRead More

Azores – Europa 2020 – Ancient Postal Routes – Set

The Autonomous Regions of the Azores and Madeira had their own specific post transportation problems. The use of maritime transport to send correspondence to the islands had been previewed by old official charters pre-dating the creation of the first masterRead More

Europa 2020 – Ancient Postal Routes – Set

EUROPA – Ancient postal route stamps depict two historic stops on the old Tartu–Võru road. One stamp has a modern photo of the Varbuse postal station built on the side of this road in 1863, where the Estonian Road MuseumRead More

Europa 2020 – Ancient Postal Routes – Set

In place since the times of ancient kingdoms, states and empires, the postal routes have been essential for bringing governments and societies closer together throughout history. Former trade routes marked by posts and resting places enabled couriers and messengers toRead More

75 Anniversary INI-SEPI

Spain – The Spanish State-owned Industrial Holdings Company was created in 1995 to manage public-held industrial holdings from the National Institute of Industry (INI), created in 1941 as an institutional support to promote the development of industry in Spain, andRead More


Lithuania Post now completes the Baltic collection on WOPA+ and joins Estonia and Latvia offering their beautiful products on the WOPA+ site. Lithuanian postage stamps are issued to commemorate important topics such as major anniversaries, major accomplishments and social /Read More

150 Years of Tübli Letters

Switzerland – A collector’s piece  “Tübli letters” was the name given by collectors to the rst covers of the federal postal system pre-franked with a printed stamp. They came out in 1867, after the Geneva Post Of ce had begunRead More

150 Years of Hungarian Stamp Issuance I

Hungary – Magyar Posta is releasing its miniature sheet issued to mark the 150th anniversary of the first Hungarian stamp issue also in special and limited printing technique editions and in the form of an exclusive stamp set. The stampsRead More

Model 1917 Saarinen

Finland – The idea of the lion-themed coat of arms stamps comes from the first Finnish stamp publications, the Model 1917 Saarinen stamps. The miniature sheet is a tribute to two stamps designed by architect Eliel Saarinen, but the originalRead More

Juvenia 2017 – Avilés

Spain – From 10 to 13 May Avilés will become the European capital of Philately with the celebration of the twenty fifth edition of Juvenia which will coincide with the first edition of MaxiEspaña. Since 1971, the Spanish Federation ofRead More

Royal Mail Heritage: Mail by Rail Post & Go

Great Britain – The Stamp Set features all six pictorial Post & Go stamps, overprinted with First Class values and presented on a richly illustrated information card. The reverse offers a fascinating commentary by Julian Stray of The Postal Museum.Read More