Sepac 2020 – Artwork

On 5 March, Åland Post pays tribute to Åland artist Henrik Nylund with a bold issue in the 2020 series of Sepac stamps featuring artwork in national collections and issued by the small European postal administrations. Henrik Nylund (1945–1982) livedRead More

Sepac 2017 – Traditional Handcrafts

Malta – The culture, history and also the traditional handcrafts of Malta are a legacy of the various powers that ruled over these Islands throughout the centuries. These inspired the development of those skills necessary to support various activities notRead More

SEPAC – Handcrafts

Monaco – Ever conscious of its artistic influence, Monaco opened its own ceramics studio in 1874. The Principality’s first pottery offered an extensive and varied range. After it closed down in 1884, Prince Albert I opened Monaco’s second pottery inRead More