Old Circus Carousel stamp


Finaland – Minna Havas, a versatile illustrator and fabric pattern designer, has drawn a carousel horse for a festive, spring-themed stamp.
– Old circus aesthetics is very fascinating. It was very inspiring to design the Carousel stamp and the ornamental patterns on the horse. The stamp conveys both joy and beauty, Havas says.
Havas was also behind the popular Valentine’s Day stamps with faerie motifs in 2010. She has also drawn the tricholoma matsutake for the Edible mushrooms stamps that were published last fall. Havas, who has also run a clothing company, currently makes clothing fabric patterns for Vimma Company.
The Carousel sheet has fifteen domestic no-value indicator stamps.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 24.02.2017
Designer: Minni Havas
Colours: 4 Colours