Archeological Treasure 2017 – Tombstone


Bosnia & Herzegovina – During the archeological excavation on the site Pod- vornice in Lištani near Livno, the graves from the late Croatian and late Middlea Ages were found. Among the finding, the tombstone with the Croatian cyrilic of the middle 12th Century was discovered; it was discovered in the tomb where it served as a side slab. Two de- ceased were buried in the tomb, a male died between 35 and 40 and a female died at the age of about 60.

The epitaph testifies that the glagolist priest Tje- hodrag was buried in the grave and that five of his sons were killed in one year. It is assumed that the priest Tjehodrag was a family man and as a non-Latin priest he could have legitimate wife and childred in a „valid but not in a permissible way“. This epitaph tesitifies about presence of the Glagolitic priest in the middle age in
the Livno area who served liturgy in the Churchslavonic language and glagolic script.

The tombstone with the epitaph of the priest Tje- hodrag is a permanent exhibition of archeological finds in the Francisician museum and the gallery Gorica Livno in Livno. (Željka Šaravanja)

Issue Date: 12.05.2017
Designer: Manlio Napoli
Printer: Zrinski d.d. ?akovec
Size: 25,56 x 35,50mm
Values: 0,90 BAM