25 Years of Croatia’s Membership in the UN


Croatia – The stamp has been issued in the so-called Croatian sheet (25 stamps and 5 labels in 30 fields), and there is also the First Day Cover (FDC) issued by Croatian Post.

Twenty five years have passed since the Republic of Croatia fulfilled its most important strategic goal that seemed so distant in the early 1990s; from gaining independence and international recognition to a membership in the United Nations that, as the result of long-lasting and complicated diplomatic efforts, affirmed Croatia’s independence on the global level.

During its membership in the United Nations, Croatia has evolved from a subject of international relations and a topic on the agenda of the Security Council to an active member in a relatively short time. For over a decade, Croatia has been providing assistance to numerous UN peace missions in various regions of the world.  Croatia makes significant financial and specific capital contributions in the form of own recent experiences of post-war democratic transition to sustainable humanitarian and development policies of impoverished countries.

During the past two decades, Croatia has been serving some of its most important duties. Those that should be specially emphasized are its memberships in the Security Council (SC) and the Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC). With its past national experience in post-war peacebuilding and revitalisation of institutions, Croatia had two mandates as a member of the Peacebuilding Commission (PBC). Croatia’s dedication to promoting and advancing human rights was rewarded in October of 2016 when it became a member of the prestige United Nations Human Rights Council (HRC) as the result of its recognized engagement in the promotion of human rights in Croatia and as well as in the global arena.

In its engagement pertaining to foreign policy activities, the Republic of Croatia, as a United Nations member, will continue to be committed to the processes of further strengthening and consolidation of the UN system, participation and active contribution to the creation of policies in the area of sustainable development, human rights and fundamental freedoms, strengthening multilateralism and international law, climate changes, revitalisation of post-conflict countries as well as combating threats such as terrorism, violent extremism and cyber-crime. The mentioned policies have been integrated in the UN’s 2030 Agenda, the platform for sustainable development Croatia has been devotedly working on in order to provide its citizens with a better future in the upcoming years to achieve its long term strategic goal.  

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