National Day of Spanish Sign Languages


Spain – Civic Values ??are fundamental for coexistence in a society, they are a series of principles that every citizen must comply, respect and share. Correos has been dedicating stamps to values ??such as solidarity, diversity or creativity, reflected in these issues.

On this occasion, the protagonist is the National Day of Spanish sign languages.

For this, a stamp is issued. The stamp sheet includes a series of words written in sign language: “share”, “right”, “participate”, “signar”, “communicate” and “equality”.

The stamp shows an image with the word “thank you”.

On June 14, 1936, the CNSE, the State Confederation of the Deaf, was set up with the aim of promoting initiatives aimed at fighting for the rights of people who use Spanish sign language and also Catalan.

Many years later, finally, it has been achieved that same day to be declared National Day of Languages ??of Spanish Sign languages, which allows to take a step towards the normalization, promotion and protection of the same.

The more these languages ??are known, the greater will be the knowledge about deaf and deaf blind people and thus be able to draw society’s attention to that group. Sign languages ??are a creative response of people to this sensory limitation.

They have a visual, spatial, gestural and manual character. They respond to the characteristic pattern of human language with its own visual grammar.

There are different languages ??of signs in the world, even countries that share the same spoken language, have different languages ??signed.

At present, the Spanish and Catalan sign language coexist in Spain and have gone from being used in the purely domestic sphere to a situation like the present, in which it is used in all social contexts and contexts.

Issue Date: 16.06.2017
Process: Offset
Size: 40.9 x 28.8 mm
Values: 0.50€