Europa 2020 – Set

The race is arranged every year in June in commemoration of the hazardous postal journeys and hardships of the farmer-postmen as they conveyed the mail between Sweden and Åland for almost 400 years. The issue is part of the PostEuropRead More

Sepac 2020 – Artwork

On 5 March, Åland Post pays tribute to Åland artist Henrik Nylund with a bold issue in the 2020 series of Sepac stamps featuring artwork in national collections and issued by the small European postal administrations. Henrik Nylund (1945–1982) livedRead More

Nordic 2018 – Fishes

Aland – The joint theme of the 2018 Nordic series is Fish species of the North. The Åland Post stamp flaunts a silvery Atlantic salmon (salmo salar). Salmon fishing has been a significant source of income for commercial Åland fishermen,Read More

Sailing Ships – Albania & Atlas

Aland – Albania: Featuring full-rigged clipper Albania, the stamp is part of a 6-year sailing ship series that also includes stamps featuring the schooner Leo and the barquentine Lemland (2015), the brig Altai and the barque Pehr Brahe (2016) andRead More

China Dogs

Aland – Miniature sheet with 2 stamps and 2 motifs. The miniature sheet is issued in time for the 2017 Year of the Dog and is one in a series following the Chinese zodiac. Previous issues are the 2014 ÅlandRead More

Forest Mammals

Aland – Three species of forest mammals prevalent in the Åland forests will be featured on stamps to be issued on 15 September. Painted by Bo Lundwall, a leading Swedish animal and nature artist, the stamps illustrating mountain hare, leastRead More

Sepac 2017 – Lokal Crafts

Aland – This year’s Sepac stamp shows handmade jewellery from Åland On 17 August, Åland Post promotes locally manufactured jewellery made from recycled material. This is a stamp in the series of Sepac stamps issued by the small European postalRead More

Sauna Traditions, Joint Issue with Aland

Finland – Sauna atmosphere in stamps through a photo competition. In summer 2016, Posti and the tabloid paper Ilta-Sanomat collected almost 1,500 sauna photos from their readers. A jury selected four of the photos to be included in the booklet ofRead More

Sauna Traditions, Joint Issue with Finland

Finland- A joint issue with Posti Finland, the first stamp shows a smoke sauna located at Ängösund in Lumparland. One of a series of stamps featuring Sauna traditions, the others being Sauna – Finland and a miniature sheet. The secondRead More

Finland 100 Years

Aland- The Åland stamp is designed by experienced stamp artist Juha Pykäläinen, who was born in Tampere but lives in Åland since 1989. Finding a suitable motif was a challenge, Juha confesses: “The theme was difficult simply because of itsRead More

Europa 2017 – Kastelholm Castles

Aland – Issued on 9 May is the Åland Europa stamp on a castle theme. Åland photographer Niclas Nordlund has captured the only castle in Åland, Kastelholm, on a sparkling winter day. Niclas lets us know that he shot theRead More

Multicultural Aland

Aland -Close to 100 different nationalities are represented in Åland today, and this cultural diversity is reflected in a commemorative stamp to be issued on 14 March. With roots in two cultures, the task of interpreting the theme was takenRead More

My Stamp – Postal Lorry

Aland – On 14 March, we issue a stamp featuring a modern Åland Post lorry in its new attire. Issued in the form of a mini-sheet of 8 stamps, the frame of the stamp issue is also a new alternativeRead More

Sailing Ships – Mariehamn & Mermerus

Aland -On 2 February 2017, the third stamp issue of Åland Post’s Sailing ship series documenting the Åland sailing ship era appears. Artist and captain Allan Palmer has painted the magnificent motifs depicting the barque Mariehamn and the full-rigged clipperRead More