250 Years Since the Birthday of Ludwig Van Beethoven – Set

Beethoven composed in several musical genres and for a variety of instrument combinations. His works for symphony orchestra include nine symphonies (of which the Ninth Symphony includes a chorus), and about a dozen pieces of “occasional” music. He wrote seven concerti for one or more soloistsRead More

Flora 2017

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Helichrysum is a plant that clasps more then 600 sorts and has spread out throughout the world. The plant’s name comes from the Greek word „helios” – sun and „chrisos” – gold. Around 25 sorts deriveRead More

Fauna 2017

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Croatian Post Mostar in collaboration with the World Wildlife Fund – WWF has issued 4 commemorative postage stamps with a motif of the Balkan chamois and Panda logo, the official WWF logo. Balkan chamois (Rupricapra rupricapraRead More

120th Birth Anniversary of Milivoj Uzelac

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Milivoj Uzelac (Mostar, 1897 – Cotignac, 1977), a distinguished painter, graphic artist, illustrator, is one of the most significant representatives of Croatian Modernism. As a child, he leaves his birth place Mostar and with his familyRead More

Sport 2017 – Handball

Bosnia and Herzegovina – The language of sports everybody understands, its huge influence is recognized as a way of transmitting important messages about society’s development. Sport, especially in the lives of young people, encourages physical and psychological development and alsoRead More

World Music Day

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Commemorative issue of postage stamp „World Music Day – Ph.D friar Branko Mari? (Mariji?)“ is a memory of the first BH ethnomusicologist who has made a great contribution in the field of BH musical arts, especiallyRead More

Radoslav Dodig’s First Death Anniversary

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Radoslav Dodig was one of the most famous Herzegovinians and his love for archaeology and history was unimaginable. He was born on 6 April 1954 at Prolog (Ljubuški). He completed secondary education at the classical gymnasiumRead More

200th Anniversary of the Draisine Bicycle

Bosnia and Herzegovina – History records various examples of vehicles that are powered by human strength so the discovery of bicycle cannot be tied to the name of a particular inventor. The German baron Karl von Drais is mentioned asRead More

Me?ugorje 2017

Bosnia and Herzegovina – The mystic apparitions of the Holy Virgin Mary, that is deeply immersed in God’s salvation plan, is a special message to Catholic believers and the Church. Croatian Post Mostar’s stamp issue „Me?ugorje 2017” is dedi- catedRead More

Myths and Flora 2017 – Narcissus and Echo

Bosnia and Herzegovina – Narcissus is a perennial flowering plant from a family of Amaryllidaceae. Long leaves arise from the bulbs and are alike grass and on a long vertical stems there is a flower composed of a cup andRead More

Archeological Treasure 2017 – Tombstone

Bosnia & Herzegovina – During the archeological excavation on the site Pod- vornice in Lištani near Livno, the graves from the late Croatian and late Middlea Ages were found. Among the finding, the tombstone with the Croatian cyrilic of theRead More

Europa 2017

Bosnia & Herzegovina – Every year under the aegis of PostEurop, special stamps with the EUROPA logo are issued that have a unique central theme for all its members. The theme for 2017 are castles, and the stamps of CroatianRead More

World Water Day

Bosnia & Herzegovina – The General Assembly of the United Nations in 1993 had decided to proclaim March 22nd as World Water Day in order to draw attention to issues concerning water and water resources. Water is a precious resourceRead More