Europa 2017- Castles

Iceland – According to the decision of Postal Operators in Europe castles constitute the common theme of the year. A castle is a fortified structure, usually difficult to reach due to its location. Most castles of medieval Europe were homes toRead More

Europa 2017 – Castles

Norway – The National Archives is celebrating 200 years of gathering national treasures that show us how life in Norway has been. In addition to the Central Office in Oslo, the National Archives also includes eight regional state archives, theRead More

Europa 2017 – Manzanares el Real Castle

Spain – Every year, European administrations and postal companies, which are members of PostEurope, put into circulation the series Europe that is issued with a common theme, this time around the theme is emblematic castles of each country. Spain issues aRead More

Europa 2017 – Castell de les Bons

Andorra Spain – The imposing defensive tower of the castle of Sant Romà de les Bons, also called “Torre dels Moros” stands on a rocky promontory located high in the village of Les Bons, at one end of the parishRead More

Europa 2017 – Castles

Romania – Built many centuries before, former properties and residences of rulers, built by old noble families, the castles of Romania have a glamour which, together with the beauty of the surroundings, weaves itself spectacularly with history. The legends kept withinRead More

Europa 2017- Castles and Forts

Jersey –  Jersey’s 70 kilometres of coastline is dotted with castles, coastal towers and artillery batteries, testament to a small island which, throughout the centuries, has seen French raids, English Civil War and German Occupation. Today, many of them areRead More

Windsor Castle 2017

Great Britain – Royal Mail today launches a set of ten stamps celebrating Windsor Castle, the oldest inhabited castle in the world and an official residence of HM The Queen.  The stamps are a photographic celebration of the castle andRead More

Europa 2017 – Castles

Gibraltar – The Moorish Castle is the name given to a medieval fortification in Gibraltar comprising various buildings, gates, and fortified walls, with the dominant features being the Tower of Homage and the Gate House. Part of the castle itself alsoRead More