Flowers, National Symbol

Romania – Flora, a beloved theme for those passionate by philately, is once again taken up this year by Romfilatelia within the postage stamp issue “Flowers, National Symbol”. Together with the symbol flower of each state, the national flag completes theRead More

Flora – Roses

Slovenia – The apothecary’s rose (Rosa gallica ‘Officinalis’) is the only rose variety to have survived the cultural destruction that swept western Europe at the end of antiquity. Since it was practically theonly red rose in gardens in the MiddleRead More

Multicultural Aland

Aland -Close to 100 different nationalities are represented in Åland today, and this cultural diversity is reflected in a commemorative stamp to be issued on 14 March. With roots in two cultures, the task of interpreting the theme was takenRead More

River Skorá

Faroes – Things tend to find different rhythms on their own out here in the Atlantic Ocean. The sober and quiet, sometimes seemingly phlegmatic pace characterizing the islanders and their environment, can without further ado turn into frantic action-packed activity. ARead More

Bird of the Year – Turtledove

Estonia – The Estonian Ornithological Society has chosen turtledove the bird of the year 2017. There are two representatives of the genus: turtle dove and ruff turtle dove. We have to do with some of the least studied types of birdsRead More

Aromatic Plants

Israel –“Who is she that comes up from the desert like columns of smoke, in clouds of myrrh and frankincense, of all the powders of the merchant” (Song of Songs 3:6). The Aromatic Plants stamp series features different types ofRead More

Eurasian Griffon

Croatia – Stamps have been issued in a common 16-stamp sheet and there is also First Day Cover (FDC) issued by Croatian Post. In cooperation with the World Wildlife Fund – WWF Croatian Post has issued four commemorative postage stamps with theRead More

12 Months, 12 Stamps – Guadalajara

Spain – This year 2017, a new philatelic series is inaugurated where the Spanish provinces will be protagonists of the stamps. 12 months, 12 stamps, 12 provinces. Each month, a Spanish province will be the protagonist of the stamp to beRead More