Window’s Smile Geraniums

Romania – Romfilatelia puts into circulation the postage stamps issue WINDOWS’ SMILE, GERANIUMS, delighting again flora lovers and philately aficionados. Whether in parks, gardens, pots, or flower gardens, regardless of the season, flowers are a joy for the eyes and the soul.Read More

Solemn Events

Romania – The Holy Synod of the Romanian Orthodox Church at the initiative of His Beatitude Patriarch Daniel and in the context of the 1230th anniversary of the 7th Ecumenical Synod of Nicaea (787) which approved the cult of holyRead More

Art in Royal Dining

“Manners make the man.” Romfilatelia introduces into circulation, on October 20th, the postage stamp issue “Art in royal dining”, that brings to the attention of the collectors the richness and grandeur of the past dining experiences. There are collections of decorative art inRead More

Breeds of Sheep from Romania

Among the first domesticated and cherished animals, sheep occupy a special place. Since ancient times, sheep breeding has occupied an important place, dating back to the early formation of our people. As a result of domestication, due to human interventionRead More


Romania – Fruits, a beloved theme for those passionate by philately, is once again taken up this year by Romfilatelia within the postage stamp issue “Berries”. Forest fruits are the ones that color every summer the woods and the clearingRead More

155 Years Bucharest, Capital of Romania

  About 155 Years Bucharest, Capital of Romania Continuing the series of anniversary postage stamps issues dedicated to the city of Bucharest, Romfilatelia introduces into circulation on Wednesday, September 20th, the issue 155 YEARS, BUCHAREST, CAPITAL OF ROMANIA. It isRead More

Cactus Flowers

Romania – Cacti are part of the Cactaceae family, which contains over 4000 species. The word “káktos” comes from the Greek language and means a spiky plant. Their origin is found in the deserts of America, especially Nevada, Arizona, California, Mexico, whereRead More

Mihail Kogalniceanu, 200 Years since his Birth

Romania – Romfilatelia celebrates the life and personality of the great politician and cultural man through the postage stamp issue Mihail Kogalniceanu, 200 years since his birth. Being a first-rate personality of the 19th century, Mihail Kogalniceanu is also one of the creatorsRead More

Collection Cars

Romfilatelia dedicates to vintage automobile enthusiasts the postage stamp issue Collection cars. The passion for the rare four wheel beauties of Mr Ion Tiriac turned into a real gallery dedicated to vintage cars. The only personal gallery that we find openRead More

Medias, 750 Years of Documentary Attestation

Romania – Medias was documentarily attested on 3 June 1267, under the name Medies. On its anniversary, Romfilatelia celebrates alongside the Citadel of Light, through the postage stamp issue Medias, 750 years of documentary attestation. Medias or Medies, Medgyes, Medyesch, situated in the heart ofRead More

The Sixth National Jamboree of Romanian Scouts

Romania – Scouting is more than recreation, it is education for life, a way to live and a movement with significant global impact. Romfilatelia recognizes the new opportunities that Scouting offers to young people, such as the chance to engage in diverseRead More

Welcome to Romania!

Romania – One of the most beautiful countries in Europe, Romania offers countless unique travel experiences that are waiting to be discovered. The words that best capture the essence of Romania are authentic, natural and cultural, being a dynamic country rich in history,Read More

Romanian Postage Stamp Day – 1917 – They shall not pass!

Romania – It is very hard to find a Romanian who will not say, in one breath, “Marasti, Marasesti, Oituz”, referring to the three great battles that changed the destiny of Romania. Romfilatelia celebrates the victory centenary of Marasti, Marasesti, Oituz throughRead More

Marine Landscapes In Painting

Romania – The stretch of the sea, with its amazing blue, with its infinite shape and impressive waves, is a subject of inspiration often approached by painters. This year, in the hottest month, Romfilatelia illustrates the sea, seen through artworks from theRead More

Titu Maiorescu, 100 Years since his Death

Romania – This year marks the 100 years since Titu Maiorescu’s passing, an emblematic personality of the Romanian cultural and political life at the end of the 19thcentury and the beginning of the 20th century. By issuing the postage stampsRead More