Childhood’s Games

Romania – “Where am I from? I’m from my childhood. I’m from my childhood like I’m from a country!”  Antoine de Saint-Exupery Childhood, full of innocence, of cheer, happiness and of joy represents the most beautiful time of our lives.Read More

Distinguished Collections

Romania – As British writer Aldous Huxley said, “Beauty is worse than wine, it intoxicates both the holder and beholder”, and the beauty and splendor that jewelry displays are undeniable.  Romfilatelia explores the fascinating field of jewelry through the postage stampRead More

60 years, National Museum of Romanian Literature

Romania – The National Museum of Romanian Literature houses an authentic literary treasure consisting of manuscripts, books, personal objects, artistic works, photographs, audio – video recordings that reproduce the depth and complexity of the whole art of the word in RomanianRead More

Iasi, City of the Great Union

Romania – About Iasi one can write volumes, but the city remains a historical landmark of the enduring Romanian people through the special role it played in the period 1916 – 1918, when Southern Romania and the capital, Bucharest, came underRead More

Recently Extinct Species

Romania – Climate change, excessive hunting, intense volcanic activity, are some of the causes that led to the destruction of large parts of the flora and fauna on Earth. A great variety of plant and animal species are classified as endangeredRead More

Europa 2017 – Castles

Romania – Built many centuries before, former properties and residences of rulers, built by old noble families, the castles of Romania have a glamour which, together with the beauty of the surroundings, weaves itself spectacularly with history. The legends kept withinRead More

Symphony of Tulips, Pitesti

Romania – The “Symphony of Tulips” is the most important social-cultural, artistic, sporting and commercial manifestation for the Pitesti municipality. This spring, Romfilatelia dedicates the postage stamp issue Symphony of Tulips, to the city of Pitesti and its main manifestation. TheRead More

Romanian Collections- Corkscrews (II)

Romania – Romfilatelia continues the postage stamps series Romanian Collections through the themeCorkscrews (II), which is made up of seven values that illustrate a renowned collection in Bucharest. In the past, not only wine bottles were sealed with a cork,Read More

Weapon’s Ornaments

Romania – Romfilatelia introduces into circulation the postage stamp issue “Weapons’ Ornaments”, an issue meant to bring to collectors the beauty of firearms from bygone centuries. Warfare of the early modern period is associated with the start of the widespread useRead More

Flowers, National Symbol

Romania – Flora, a beloved theme for those passionate by philately, is once again taken up this year by Romfilatelia within the postage stamp issue “Flowers, National Symbol”. Together with the symbol flower of each state, the national flag completes theRead More

Holy Easter 2017

  Romania – This year, because Easter is celebrated on the same day, both for Orthodox Christians and Catholics alike, Romfilatelia brings to the public’s attention a valuable postage stamp issue consisting of two stamps and a souvenir sheet. On twoRead More


  Romania – Postcrossing began as a project between friends sharing the same passion. “A postcard is a tangible medium of communication. Unlike emails, which are fast, a postcard is personal… postcards travel around the world, until they get toRead More

National Brukenthal Museum 200 years since the foundation

Romania – Celebrating 200 years since the opening of the National Brukenthal Museum,Romfilatelia displays you a glimpse of its history through the anniversary issue of four postage stamps. Baron Samuel von Brukenthal (1721-1803) was the only representative of the Transylvanian SaxonRead More

Intelligent Birds

Romania – „Where the peacock is missing the crow is the most beautiful bird.” Old Romanian proverb Romfilatelia resumes its series of projects dedicated to Fauna, a theme that collectors appreciate so much, by introducing into circulation the postage stamp issueRead More