Flowers and Crafts

France – Booklet of 12 postage stamps with permanent validity at the rate of the green letter for letters up to 20 g destined for France.Carnet size: 256 mm x 54 mm For the spring of 2017, a notebook of twelveRead More

The Lions Movement 100 Years

Estonia – Lions Clubs international, the biggest charitable organization of the world that received its beginning from Chicago on June 7 1917, marks this year its 100th anniversary. The aim of the movement is to help above all persons that needRead More

The Connected Universe – Concourse Lepine

France – Since its inception, the “Concours Lépine” has evolved, but has remained a springboard, a precursor, a showcase inescapable where thousands of extraordinary inventions (ballpoint pen, steam iron, mechanical heart, Contact lenses, fertilizer Riviera, Aspivenin …) were born and shapedRead More

Mário Soares 1924 – 2017

Portugal- According to Medeiros Ferreira, “Ma?rio Soares is the most important political gure in Portugal of recent decades,” adding: “When we were both on the Democratic Opposition ticket in 1965, I had no doubt I was dealing with the strongest politicalRead More

Pere Canturri

Andorra Spain – Pere Canturri, a historian, politician, writer and undoubtedly an ethnographer of Andorran culture and traditions, is one of the great cultural and political figures of Andorra of the contemporary period. Born in Andorra la Vella, in 1935,Read More

Figures in Portuguese History and Culture

Portugal– The Jesuit priest, Manuel da No?brega, was born 500 years ago in San ns do Douro in Minho, Portugal. He studied canon law at the universities of Salamanca and Coimbra and joined the Society of Jesus. In 1549, KingRead More

Lebaniego Jubilee Year

Spain – A new Premium Pliego is issued this time to celebrate the Lebaniego Jubilee Year to be held this 2017. Next to Jerusalem, Rome, Santiago de Compostela and Caravaca de la Cruz (since 2003), the Monastery of Santo Toribio deRead More

Bridges and Viaducts

Croatia – LIMSKA DRAGA VIADUCT The Lim Channel bay cuts deep into the mainland along the Limska Draga valley and extends for a length of 9 km, all the way to the City of Pazin. Around the 4th kilometre from the endRead More

SEPAC- Handcraft – The Icelandic Sweater

Iceland – The joint SEPAC stamp motif is local or typical handcraft. The Icelandic stamp features an Icelandic sweater. The pattern shown, ”Álafoss pattern no. 51”, is a very characteristic one. It was probably affected by foreign knitting traditions introduced byRead More

Europa 2017- Castles

Iceland – According to the decision of Postal Operators in Europe castles constitute the common theme of the year. A castle is a fortified structure, usually difficult to reach due to its location. Most castles of medieval Europe were homes toRead More