Harry Vardon – 150th Birth Anniversary – Set Mint

2020 marks the 150th birth anniversary of world-renowned Jersey golfer, Harry Vardon. Vardon became the Champion Golfer of the Year of The Open in 1896, 1898, 1899, 1903, 1911 and then again in 1914, at the age of 44. He also became USGA US Open Champion in 1900. Vardon’s career extended to almost forty years throughout which he won a record of 62 major golf tournaments, including what is reported to be an amazing run of 14 consecutive wins. No other golfer from the British Isles has won more majors. With this record, Vardon proved himself to be one of golf’s greatest ever players. The six stamps show photographs of him throughout his career.

2020 also marks the 100th anniversary of fellow Jerseyman Ted Ray’s victory at the US Open in 1920. Vardon and Ray are two of only four professional golfers from the British Isles to have won both The Open and the US Open. The two golfers are pictured together on the Miniature Sheet alongside a list of their respective victories in The Open and US Open.

Stamp images courtesy of © Getty/PGA of America, © Getty/Hulton Archive, © Mary Evans, © Getty/Popperfoto and © Granger. Miniature Sheet image © Getty/Bettmann.