Collection Cars

Romfilatelia dedicates to vintage automobile enthusiasts the postage stamp issue Collection cars. The passion for the rare four wheel beauties of Mr Ion Tiriac turned into a real gallery dedicated to vintage cars. The only personal gallery that we find openRead More

Konrad Mägi – Landscape with a Red Cloud

Estonia – The Estonian artist Konrad Mägi (1878–1925) was one of the first modernist painters of northern and eastern Europe. His art is characterised by powerful colours, and he synthesised the major art trends of the time into a uniqueRead More

Quince Scent

Switzerland – The quince is Switzerland’s Fruit of the Year 2017. To mark this accolade, Swiss Post is issuing a limited miniature sheet which gives off the fragrance of quince. FRUCTUS has designated a fruit of the year each year sinceRead More

150 Years of Tübli Letters

Switzerland – A collector’s piece  “Tübli letters” was the name given by collectors to the rst covers of the federal postal system pre-franked with a printed stamp. They came out in 1867, after the Geneva Post Of ce had begunRead More

35 Years UNPA at the Traunsee (1982 – 2017)

United Nations – On 24 August 2017, UNPA will issue a personalized special event sheet celebrating “35 years UNPA at the Traunsee”. The sheet is composed of ten different € 0.68 denominated stamps. The stamps and the background image featureRead More

Star Wars – 40 years

Portugal – I first encountered the Star Wars universe in 1977, at the screening of the first film in the saga, Episode IV – A New Hope, at the beloved Cinema Império. For a 7-year-old kid, this was a forayRead More

Multilaterale Hertogpost 2017

Luxembourg – What is the “Multilaterale”? The Multilaterale is an initiative that came from the Philatelist Associations of the German-speaking countries (Germany, Switzerland, Austria, Liechtenstein, and Luxembourg) as well of Slovenia and the Netherlands. The 2017 Multilaterale in s’Hertogenbosch ThisRead More

150 Years of Hungarian Stamp Issuance I

Hungary – Magyar Posta is releasing its miniature sheet issued to mark the 150th anniversary of the first Hungarian stamp issue also in special and limited printing technique editions and in the form of an exclusive stamp set. The stampsRead More

#TBT – Wildlife in Norway I 2006

Norway – The Lynx (Lynx lynx) is Norway’s only wild member of the cat family. It is found virtually all over the country. It prefers inaccessible terrain that is steep and rocky. Here the lynx makes full use of itsRead More

#TBT – Nordic II – Rescue Service

Iceland – Search and rescue services constitute the theme of the 2012 Norden stamps. For centuries, Icelandic fishermen have lived with the dangers of the sea. Many lives have been lost in the struggle with the forces of nature. TheRead More

Grande Bourse 2017

Monaco – An unmissable gathering of coin, medal, stamp and postcard dealers and collectors, the 25th Grande Bourse will be held on Sunday 3 December at the Hotel Méridien Beach Plaza. Issue Date: 21.08.2017 Designer: VAN KLAVEREN Process: Offset Size: 30 x 40,85 mm vertical


Switzerland – Modern communication is barely conceivable without them: the countless small images and icons peppering our SMSs and e-mails known as emojis. Swiss Post is forging a bridge between the digital and the physical world with two special stamps.Read More

500 Years Bern Cathedral Vaulted Ceiling

Switzerland – The cornerstone for the decades-long construction of Bern cathedral was laid in 1421. Completion of the vaulted ceiling in 1517 still marks an impressive milestone to the current day. The year 1517 is mentioned in an inscrip- tion atRead More