Els Castellers

Andorra France – The castellers are a typically Catalan cultural event with written references from the 18th century. Although initially this practice is mainly located in the Tarragona and Penedès areas, it has gradually spread since the 1980s throughout CataloniaRead More

Finland Coat of Arms

Finland – Finland’s coat of arms 1917 is a ten-euro special stamp designed by Pekka Piippo. The only visible printing on the embossed stamp is its golden foil. In UV light, the map of Finland and a graph depicting theRead More

Sauna Traditions, Joint Issue with Finland

Finland- A joint issue with Posti Finland, the first stamp shows a smoke sauna located at Ängösund in Lumparland. One of a series of stamps featuring Sauna traditions, the others being Sauna – Finland and a miniature sheet. The secondRead More

Traditional Desserts of Portugal – Self-Adhesive

Portugal – The history of Traditional Portuguese Desserts can be likened to a poem composed of words as simple as the ingredients used in the major- ity of recipes included in this rst philatelic issue devoted to this sweet theme. Water,Read More

Salon de Printemps – Montmartre

France – Le Moulin-Rouge, le Lapin agile, le Moulin de la Galette or the Bateau-Lavoir became the symbols of a time and a bohemian, satirical and subversive cultural effervescence in Montmartre that would mark both the history of painting – With,Read More