III Disello Competition 2016


Spain – For three years, the “DISELLO” competition has been launched by Correos, whose aim is to disseminate the value of the stamp as a means of supporting artistic expression, which tells stories and transmits culture, and which, of course, also has a function as an element of postage.

Last year it was proposed as theme “The Universe of Cervantes” and this year, like the first, the theme has been free. 790 have been the designs that have been presented in the general category, for people over 18 years; In the youth category, between 12 and 17 years, have participated 640 works.

This year the participation figures have far exceeded those of the previous year, reason why it can be considered a resounding success the one of this call. The jury, meeting to deliberate last November, decided that the winners of each category would be: in the general category, Eduardo M. Gea Martínez; And in the youth category, Alicia Esteban Esteban. The winners will see the stamps with their illustrations in circulation in this year 2017.

The design of the general category, entitled “Fragile”, shows an illustration where two paper elephants, a mother and her baby, appear, contemplating a desolate landscape. The eldest of elephants, has a tear that runs across his face.

The label that includes the winning design of the juvenile category represents, according to its author, the moment in which a teenager leaves the world. The illustration shows an egg yolk emerging from the shell, walking with eyes wide open and gesture of astonishment.

Correos, with this contest, among other things, aims to make known the Philately to those who have not yet had contact with this type of collecting that so many fans have in the world.

In addition, the success of participation, is a clear example of the ability of Spanish Philately to make themselves known, and, above all, to transmit the values ??of the stamp.
Carmen Álvarez Casanova

Issue Date: 16.03.2017
Process: Offset
Size: 35 x 24.5 mm
Values: 0.50 € & 0.60 €