Crafts – Ironworker Art


France – This stamp of the series “Métiers d’art” follows the two stamps issued in 2016, the “stone sculptor” and the “jeweler”. This series aims to highlight various crafts in France and the rare, traditional or innovative craftsmanship.

This craft combines the love of the craft and a strong artistic sense. The ironworker carries out works such as grids, stair railings or decorative objects, shaping the hot metal by beating it with a hammer on an anvil.

But not only this; it is a craft that is practiced with ancient methods, but also with more contemporary processes, Steaven Richard, ironworker of art, imagined the visual of the stamp. The visual consists of a corner piece and an acanthus leaf, and in the background a piece of hammered metal that illustrates this new know-how.

Technical Details

Issue Date: 03.04.2017
Designer: Richard Steaven
Process: Taille Douce
Size: 40.85 x 40.85 mm
Values: 0.73€