France – Located on the coast of the English Channel at the tip of the Cotentin, close to the Channel Islands, Cherbourg-en-Cotentin has forged a long maritime history. Its exceptional harbor, its five ports, its former maritime transatlantic Art Deco station which now houses the City of the Sea, dedicated to the human adventure in the ocean depths. The city is a stopover for the world’s largest passenger ships, and Port Chantereyne, its deep-water marina with more than 1,500 rings, is one of the most dynamic in the English Channel. Fourth city of Normandy with 83 000 inhabitants, Cherbourg-en-Cotentin is at the forefront in renewable marine energies, and nautical and naval construction.

Benefiting from the presence of the Gulf Stream and a temperate oceanic climate, Cherbourg-en-Cotentin has a long botanical tradition. In a preserved environment, the city has nearly 475 hectares of amazing green or natural spaces, about twenty parks and gardens, including two remarkable gardens managed in an eco-responsible way. It offers a gateway to an authentic Cotentin, retaining many treasures and breathtaking scenery.

Cherbourg-en-Cotentin has everything of great in cultural matters with equipment of national scope like La Breche, national pole of the circus arts of Normandy, Le Point du Jour, dedicated to photography, Le Trident, national scene, The third museum of fine arts of Normandy, a heritage – civil, military and cultural – preserved and lively, dynamic festivals … All the assets of a city where it is good to live.

Issue Date: 10.07.2017
Designer: Elsa Catelin
Process: Taille Douce
Size: 40,85 x 30 mm
Values: 0.73€