Holy Christmas and New Year 2017


Celebratory postage stamps depict symbolic themes that often recur in the works of artist A. Kiudulait?: the mountain person and stories of a small town. “The mountain person theme depicts the back of a person who is holding the whole world. Father Christmas bringing winter, snow covered houses and trees is depicted on this postage stamp. That’s what the approach of Christmas means to people – it brings not just the holidays, but the whole world. Another postage stamp depicts the daily life of a small snow covered town: shining stars, smoke cosily rising from chimneys, people coming home after work. I like using minimalistic means to convey mood and feelings, so the choice of colour palette is not accidental either: blue and red, cold, snow and cheeks that are red because of icy wind, tree decorations and the red sun on a December morning,” said artist A. Kiudulait?, the creator of the stamps.

  • 25.11.2017
  • A. Kiudulait?
  • “Cartor Security Printing” France
  • Offset
  • 4 Colours
  • 28,99 x 40mm