France – This collectible pays hommage to the contempory artist Bernard Rancillac. Technical Details Issue Date: 20.03.2017 Designer: Bernard Rancillac Process: Offset Size: 210 x 143 mm Values: 9.80€

The rich and intense Nièvre

France – There is an unexpected Burgundy made of large spaces, lakes, forests and talents that swarm in towns and villages. Descending the last wild river in Europe, pass the ducal city of Nevers, the priory of Charité-sur-Loire and the vineyardsRead More

55 Years of the Algeria ceasefire

France – Commemorating the 55th anniversary of the ceasefire in Algeria. Technical Details Issue Date: 20.03.2017 Designer: Youz Process: Héliogravure Size: 26 x 40 mm Values: 1.30€

Stamp Day – The Star – Edgar Degas

France – Edgar Degas, from the upper bourgeoisie, obtained his baccalauréat at the Lycée Louis-le-Grand. After a short visit to the Faculty of Law, he opted for the Ecole des Beaux-Arts in Paris before spending three years in Italy from 1856Read More

European Capitals – Valletta

France – Capital of the Republic of Malta, Valletta celebrated in 2016 its 450 years. It was in 1566 that the construction of this fortified city began, under the aegis of Jean Parisot de La Valette, 49th Grand Master of theRead More

Law on trade and industry credit

France – It was during the First World War that the intervention of the State in economic life really began in France. As early as 1911, radical Joseph Caillaux, the newly elected president of the Council, denounced the difficulties encountered byRead More

Stamp Day – The Waltz

France – The waltz is a fast dance with a tempo between 110 and 180 beats per minute. Musical phrases contain 8 measures. Originally written in the nineteenth century by the composers of the Strauss dynasty (Johann father and sons, JosefRead More

Salon de Printemps – Montmartre

France – Le Moulin-Rouge, le Lapin agile, le Moulin de la Galette or the Bateau-Lavoir became the symbols of a time and a bohemian, satirical and subversive cultural effervescence in Montmartre that would mark both the history of painting – With,Read More

Germaine Ribière

France – Born in Limoges in 1917, Germaine Ribière fought very early against the dangers of Nazism. She participated in the networks “Christian friendship” and “combat” during the second war. She organized numerous rescues of Jewish children in several regions, suchRead More

The Look of Cats (Green)

France – 6-stamp booklet describing the look of cats. Technical Details Issue Date: 27.02.2017 Designer: Youz Process: Offset Size: 45 x 37 mm (horizontal) Values: €6.60

Anne Morgan 1873 – 1952

France – Philanthropist and pioneer of humanitarianism, the American Anne Tracy Morgan (1873-1952) left a lasting imprint in the department of the Aisne. Daughter of the banker John Pierpont Morgan, one of the richest men in the world, this Francophile tookRead More

Frederic Bazille 1841 – 1870

France – His parents wanted him to be a doctor. His visits to the Fabre museum in Montpellier, his hometown, and the revelation of modern painting by Alfred Bruyas, a great collector and patron, decided otherwise: Frédéric Bazille (1841-1870) would beRead More

Neuwirth Law 50 Years

France – Until the 1960s, contraceptive methods remained banned in France. The woman had no recourse but abstinence or clandestine abortion to avoid repeated pregnancies. On December 28, 1967, after rejecting eleven successive bills in ten years, the National Assembly adoptedRead More