Maria Theresa – 300th Anniversary of her Birth

Slovenia – Slovenia are commemorating the tercentenary of the birth of Maria Theresa by issuing a joint commemorative stamp block with Austria, Croatia & Hungary. The stamp was designed by the Slovenian artist Svetlana Milijaševic and 60,000 copies were produced by ANYRead More

Joint Issue France – Canada

France – On April 9, 1917, four Canadian divisions joined forces and assaulted. At the cost of several thousand deaths, they manage to take control of the 145 rating on April 12. The crest is undoubtedly one of the strategic pointsRead More

Israel-Portugal Joint Issue- Dolphin Research

Israel – The diplomatic relations between Israel and the Portuguese Republic developed in stages. An Israeli consulate was first opened in Lisbon in the late 1950’s. After the Carnation Revolution in Portugal in April 1974, this was upgraded to aRead More