Société Nationale de Sauvetage en Mer


France – The SNSM was created by the merger of two former “societies” created in the 19th century, the Central Society for the Rescue of Shipwrecked Ships and the Society of Breton Hospital Brethren, which structured the old principle of solidarity between seafarers for the benefit of all Professions.

The merger of 1967 took into account in particular the profound change in maritime activities since the post-war period, linked in particular to the considerable development of recreational and pleasure craft.

Nevertheless, the SNSM remains faithful to this principle of solidarity which is expressed in the volunteer commitment of sea rescuers. 7,000 volunteers have joined the association; 4,400 of them are on board and are permanently ready to intervene at the order of the maritime authorities for the benefit of people in difficulty at sea. They are divided between 218 “rescue stations” on the coast, including overseas. Implement nearly 400 boats of all types. At their side, 1,300 young “lifeguard swimmers”, trained by SNSM, are each year made available to municipalities to ensure safety on their beaches.

Each year, rescuers at sea provide assistance to around 8,000 people and provide assistance to 22,000 people on the beaches.

The SNSM, a recognized association of public utility in 1970, ensures more than half of the rescue operations in littoral zone. Supported in part by the state and local authorities, it operates mainly through the support of private donors and patrons. The 50th anniversary of the SNSM is a highlight that pays tribute to all those who, voluntarily and sometimes at the risk of their lives, put their time and skills at the service of all those who are confronted with the dangers of the sea.

Issue Date: 26.05.2017
Designer: Bruno Ghiringhelli
Process: Heliogravure
Size: 30 x 40.85 mm
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