World Wrestling Championships – Paris 2017


France – The World Championship of wrestling takes place in Paris this year from 21 to 28 August.

3 categories

In free wrestling, it is permissible to grab the opponent’s legs and actively use the legs to perform various techniques.

Women’s wrestling follows the rules of free wrestling, however, prohibiting the taking of double keys. Women’s wrestling has been an Olympic discipline since 2004.

In Greco-Roman wrestling, it is strictly forbidden to seize the opponent below the hips, to perform actions on the legs and to use his legs to make a grip.

The French Federation of Strong Struggle of the 6 medals obtained during the last four editions of the Olympic Games and its medals at the previous world championships, will present teams able to compete with the 800 participants who will come from all the continents.

The stamp was made by the artist who produced the official poster of the federation, he represented 2 men and 2 women who struggle.

Issue Date: 24.07.2017
Designer: Valerie Besser
Process: Heliogravure
Size: 60 x 25 mm
Values: 1.30€