Viktor & Rolf


Netherlands – Viktor Horsting (born in Geldrop, 1969) and Rolf Snoeren (born in Dongen, 1969) have been the face of Dutch fashion on the international scene for the past 25 years. The two designers met in the late 1980s at ArtEZ Institute of the Arts, where they studied fashion. Fashion by Viktor&Rolf is radical, theatrical, ironic, mysterious and extravagant. Worldwide, the fashion designers have made a name with their provocative, ground-breaking haute couture, conceptual glamour, spectacular luxury and unexpected elegance. Viktor&Rolf have presented controversial collections and exciting fashion with surrealist contrasts at Paris Fashion Week since 1998. The fashion house is also known for its successful fragrances: Flowerbomb, Spicebomb, Bonbon and Magic. It also creates wedding gowns under the name Viktor&Rolf Mariage, and glasses and sunglasses under the name Viktor&Rolf Vision.

The Viktor&Rolf stamp sheetlet features all kinds of sketches and doodles used by the fashion designers as a means to express their creativity. The two designers work at the same table and support their ideas by drawing constantly. Using sketches is an essential part of their work, as they believe that they can only create what they can draw. The colourful stamps feature sketches of wedding and evening gowns and shoes, combined with faces, eyes, a bow, a logo and a flower. Black dots and curls here and there connect the drawings. The dots run over the sheet edge, like the two fashion sketches to the left and right at the bottom of the sheet.

Issue Date: 11.09.2017
Designer: Viktor&Rolf, Amsterdam
Printer: Joh. Enschedé Security Print, Haarlem
Process: Offset
Colours: Yellow, Magenta, Cyan and Black
Size: Stamp Size: 25 x 36mm, Sheet Size: 150 x 108mm