Distinguished Artists – Ansis Cirulis


Latvia – Latvijas Pasts releases the third stamp block in the series Outstanding Latvian Artists dedicating it to the author of the state flag standard and the first stamp, Ansis Cirulis. The first day cancellation of the two-stamp block is scheduled to take place on February 23, 2018 in the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design at Skarnu Street 10/20, Riga, from 11 AM to 5 PM. At 11 AM a stamp presentation is planned to take place at the same location with the participation of Latvijas Pasts’ artist Lilija Dinere and representatives of the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design.

In celebration of his 135th anniversary on February 25th, Latvijas Pasts issues a two-stamp block dedicated to A.Cirulis in the series Outstanding Latvian Artists with the print run of 25,000 copies and a special cover with the print run of 1000 copies. The face value of each stamp is € 0.50, which corresponds to the cost of sending a regular Class B letter within the territory of Latvia.

The motifs of the artist’s works from the collections of the Latvian National Museum of Art and the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design, as well as the materials from the interior of the Great Guild and materials form Misins Library of the Academic Library of the University of Latvia have been used in the visual design of the stamp block and the cover created by the artist L.Dinere. Among these there are fragments from the reproduction of the painting The Wedding (1930), from stained glass panels Shipping and Building (1937), as well as elements from his block prints – textile prints via a hand press process.

A.Cirulis was born in Majori and was an outstanding 20th century Latvian artist – a graphic artist, a painter and a master of decorative arts whose creations embody special stylization and a defined rhythm of form. The artist is the author of the standard of Latvian state flag (1917). In 1918 A.Cirulis created a sketch for the first postage stamp of the Republic of Latvia – Latvijas Pasts has planned to release a reproduction of the above stamp this year.

The first stamp block in the series Outstanding Latvian Artists was released in 2016 to honour the 150th anniversary of Janis Rozentals (J?nis Rozent?ls), whereas the stamp block of 2017 was dedicated to Janis Tidemanis (J?nis T?demanis).